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PR Fall Festival October 29, 2007

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Ben and Rhya are boyfriend and girlfriend and they don’t mind talking about it.



It’s nice to have somewhere to put pics up that people will see. Instead of in my house. Yes Sarah, I’m addicted now. Thank you…


I swear they love eachother.


My beautiful sisters.


Lisa, I love how sweet Cam is to me. You guys have raised one awesome kid!


We had a wonderful time! It was so nice to get out and enjoy ourselves for free!


Halloween at Sonshine October 26, 2007

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Our red and black Halloween…


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My Man is HOT!!!


It’s time for a new adventure…

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Yea, today is Friday! I go back to work tomorrow. I am so excited! I used to love working at Kazzaams, until my boss (Lita) hired this young punk named Ashley. I say young, even though I am, she doesn’t seem like she knows how the world works yet. She was right out of hair school and a part time cocktail waitress downtown. She thought she knew it all. She kissed everyones asses and made me, an up beat person, look bad! I would come home every Saturday telling Jeremiah I was ready to quit. Lita was slowly giving me the bad hours. So finally one day in July I gave my notice. I’ve been so sad because that was my out, my way to express myself.

Flash forward to last Tuesday, I receive a call begging me to come back. Lita had told me Ashley gave her notice. Her reason being she was overworked. “Are you kidding me?” I said to her. I try not to be a sour person, so I accept. Later that night I had some alone time and start thinking. I love working in a salon atmosphere, and I have kind of lost myself over the years. Isn’t that funny how when we have children we put them before anything and anyone. Well it is time! I am meant to be a hairstylists. I know it sounds funny, but it is my calling. I am going to start looking for a full-time job next week. Yahoo for me!!! Although I love Kazzaams, my passion is not having to hold my clients down and bribe them with suckers just to trim their hair.


I get the point! October 22, 2007

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Yes, some of you reading this blog will soon realize that our pictures might look the same. My camera I have had for over three years is slowly giving way. I am missing all the holidays. So Laura get your camera ready. Sorry people but I will continue to steal until I get my new one on or around Christmas. You love it…


October 18, 2007

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Thank You Sarah for a much needed relaxing twenty four hours! Almost beats the “lets go get tatoo’s, what should i get?” It’s sort of funny if you think about it. I will never forget that night! You are an inspiration to me and always have been. You are a beautiful person.