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the first day of the best month of the year… November 2, 2007

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We couldn’t wait to give Layla one of her birthday presents. Isn’t that sad? Her two year old birthday is on December 27th, we are planning to have it on the first of that month. Let me tell you December birthdays are not fun! I remember my doctor telling me he was going to induce me on January 9th or something. I insisted she come on his earliest scheduled date in the hospital. Which happened to be three days after that appointment. He kept saying she was about 6 or 7lbs. and there was no reason for her to come early. I demanded she was more. So yes I got my way, and sure enough she was 9lbs. At least she was smaller than Benjamin (a hair shy of 10lbs.). My point I will probably complain every year, but I did it to myself.

My sister always says you shouldn’t have parties after the date, always before. I don’t know if it’s in the rule book for birthdays, but I always think about it whenever planning a party. Funny huh, how things like that stick to you? Layla will be having a Dora the Explorer party. Dora is her hero. Me and Addy are surprising her with her first doll house. I am so excited! She absolutely loves to play with little things like that.

My sweet Benny knows Lays b-day is coming up, so every time he sees any kind of girl toy commercial on tv he says, “Mom, Lay wants that for her b-day and you have to get it for her.” Then quietly under his breath says to Lay, “you’re going to play with it then give me a turn right?” Then won’t stop saying it to her until she nods her head yes. They are so funny and so predictable. It always makes me laugh bc when Laura and I were younger we played a little mocking game kind of, sort of, but not really like that. Whenever people would talk to us or even to each other we would repeat very seriously word for word under our breath. Then laugh and laugh like we knew something they didn’t. Oh to be young and carefree again…


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