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Damn it feels good to be fifty! November 5, 2007

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Yes, Im dancing in the middle of  a restaurant.

We had so much fun. It was so nice to get out with my sisters and mom without any kids. We were saying in the car on the way downtown that it was the first time we have done that since before Susan had kids. Then Susan started saying we should go out like that on the big birthdays. We were all jumping in and saying yea or every couple of years. Then my mother said why don’t we just plan to do it for fun. I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said. Why don’t we all go out like that more? She is such an awesome woman!

I loved sitting at the table listening to my sisters talking. For once no interruptions. They are all so unique and beautiful! I am so glad that we remain as close as we are.


3 Responses to “Damn it feels good to be fifty!”

  1. Staci Says:

    Y’all look gorgeous!!!! I bet it was so much fun getting together!

  2. Caleb Says:

    I’m a little late… but Happy BDay! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. Stacey Says:

    hi lindsey!!! your babies are BEAUTIFUL just like their mama!!! 🙂
    fun to find your blog!!! Hope your doing awesome!!!

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