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Our new home! I’ll post more later… March 12, 2008

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Ok crazy blog writers I’m back…

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layla.jpgben-and-hand.jpgSo much has been going on since I last wrote. I opened my own salon, which by the way is going good, and we are about to purchase our first home. We have been looking for a month or so and found our dream home. It definitely needs a little TLC but we can make do. The whole kitchen needs to be gutted and their is a little ac damage to the ceiling. We are so excited. My realtor just called me and gave me awesome news. I am about to post some pictures of it.

Yes Susan took woderful pictures of my babies on Monday. I am so excited about blowing them up in our new home. She was so patient with them even when I was about to kill them. I can’t believe how good they came out. Not because youre not good at what you do Susan, but because they took some wiggle medicine before they came over or something. They were all out crazy. Thank you so much Susan Newton!


my adorable little princess December 6, 2007

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My mother is so wonderful for taking the time to make Layla the most beautiful princess castle cake anyone ever did see!


Whats been going on

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Okay, I know its been a long time. My sister in law has recently moved in with us. She is going through a lot of things in her life right now. It is so weird being the mother figure to her. Taking her to school in the morning, picking her up, telling her to clean her room, making sure that her homework is done and still trying so hard to be her cool sister in law that she can tell anything to. She has gone through more in her life than a lot of people will go through in a life-time. I truly want all the best for her almost like my own child. A few people have been teasing me by saying things like are you sure you can do this? Can you Lindsey Driggers be the one to help her see the way through all this? I know I was a crazy kid, but i think it really helps because I know more than enough to get her on a good road. I myself have done a complete 180 and realized what is really important. I will post a picture of us soon. My stupid camera is broken again.

Layla had her two year old birthday party last Saturday. She had a princess party. We changed it the last second because all the sudden she has a crazy obsession over Belle (Beauty and the Beast). It’s cute sometimes, but the other times we cant even leave the house until we find one of her princesses. She is talking so much better now. It’s funny cause Ben used to be able to boss her around and now shes like oh no you didn’t. She yells at him, she hasn’t mastered that yet so it’s kind of a slur and a really loud one at that. I am so glad that they have each-other and to be so close like they are. One minute they are kissing and watching Noggin and the next they are on top of each-other punching and biting like there is no tomorrow. I love my kids and my new family of five and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Damn it feels good to be fifty! November 5, 2007

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Yes, Im dancing in the middle of  a restaurant.

We had so much fun. It was so nice to get out with my sisters and mom without any kids. We were saying in the car on the way downtown that it was the first time we have done that since before Susan had kids. Then Susan started saying we should go out like that on the big birthdays. We were all jumping in and saying yea or every couple of years. Then my mother said why don’t we just plan to do it for fun. I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said. Why don’t we all go out like that more? She is such an awesome woman!

I loved sitting at the table listening to my sisters talking. For once no interruptions. They are all so unique and beautiful! I am so glad that we remain as close as we are.


November 2, 2007

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She is almost two and already has amazing energy, a wondeful heart and not to mention a beautiful face. Layla June Driggers you rock my world!


the first day of the best month of the year…

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We couldn’t wait to give Layla one of her birthday presents. Isn’t that sad? Her two year old birthday is on December 27th, we are planning to have it on the first of that month. Let me tell you December birthdays are not fun! I remember my doctor telling me he was going to induce me on January 9th or something. I insisted she come on his earliest scheduled date in the hospital. Which happened to be three days after that appointment. He kept saying she was about 6 or 7lbs. and there was no reason for her to come early. I demanded she was more. So yes I got my way, and sure enough she was 9lbs. At least she was smaller than Benjamin (a hair shy of 10lbs.). My point I will probably complain every year, but I did it to myself.

My sister always says you shouldn’t have parties after the date, always before. I don’t know if it’s in the rule book for birthdays, but I always think about it whenever planning a party. Funny huh, how things like that stick to you? Layla will be having a Dora the Explorer party. Dora is her hero. Me and Addy are surprising her with her first doll house. I am so excited! She absolutely loves to play with little things like that.

My sweet Benny knows Lays b-day is coming up, so every time he sees any kind of girl toy commercial on tv he says, “Mom, Lay wants that for her b-day and you have to get it for her.” Then quietly under his breath says to Lay, “you’re going to play with it then give me a turn right?” Then won’t stop saying it to her until she nods her head yes. They are so funny and so predictable. It always makes me laugh bc when Laura and I were younger we played a little mocking game kind of, sort of, but not really like that. Whenever people would talk to us or even to each other we would repeat very seriously word for word under our breath. Then laugh and laugh like we knew something they didn’t. Oh to be young and carefree again…